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Practice: Evidence Based Empathic Healing

Welcome to APHS. 

A person suffering from psychological or behavioral problems has been emotionally wounded, violated and or not provided the unique sensitivity required for their particular emotional and or educational antenna. For every individual struggling with attention, behavioral inappropriateness, anxiety, sadness or poor thought control, there is a unique and meaningful explanation that needs to be explored.

True healing comes from restoring and renewing the things that define and reflect our humanity, such as  intimacy, community, art, music, patience, spirituality and play. Often adults need to recognize sensitivities and skill set lapses that need to be reinforced, praised and conditioned. More often in our society, we need to be patient and allow the growth and change to happen on a natural time table.

We are a community-based psychological treatment center offering a broad range of psychological services including: Individual Treatment, Couples Counseling, Family Therapy, Domestic Violence treatment, Anger Management treatment, Consultations, A Full Range of Psychological Testing and Expert Court Testimony. 

We offer services to children, adolescents and adults.  Treatment programs and services are designed to positively impact the full spectrum of emotional, psychological, physical, social and spiritual dimensions that make us fully human.

Our treatment facility is one of only a few of its kind in the United States that specializes in and supports a patient's wish and right to be treated without the use and reliance upon psychiatric drugs.  For this reason, we often find great working relationships with patients often labeled "treatment resistant" and "non-compliant".  We welcome clients finding psychotropic medications useful, and hold no religious or other forced aversion to a patient's wish to use such interventions. Medications are very successful for controlling thoughts, feelings and behaviors; however, we specialize in fundamental long lasting psychological treatment. 


4-17-15      Dr. Watson appears on NBC News Radio, the Dr. Tony O’Donnell Show in San Bernardino, CA- KCAA
                 1050 AM, speaking about pilots using psychotropic medications, psychiatric medications and violence, suicide
                  and long term outcomes.  (click 19 mins. into show).

1-26-15      Dr. Watson appears as a featured guest on the Dr. Michael Blum Radio Show in Boca Raton- Fort
                 Lauderdale, FL 1470 AM, speaking about misconceptions about mental health treatment and use of
                 psychiatric medications.

7-7-14       Dr. Watson appears as featured guest on the Dr. Randy Hansbrough Show in Stuart and Port St. Lucie, FL,
                WSTU-1450 and WPSL-
1590 AM, speaking about “mental illness” and research based interventions.

6-22-14     Dr. Watson is a featured guest on the A.R.T. of Michigan with Del Marsh, WAAM Talk Radio 106-AM,
                covering all of southern Michigan, and speaking about the 2013 IMS data indicating over a quarter of a million
                of 0-1 year olds are being given psychaitric medications.

Jan.-2014  Dr. Watson publishes in a peer reviewed journal research countering the damaging episode by 60 Minutes, noting that persons suffering with “mental illness” are not in general more violent, are more likely to be re-hospitalized and have worse symptoms over the long term if they use psychiatric medications, and Forced Orders to Treat in fact do not work.        Watson, T. (2014), Confronting 60 Minutes “Imminent Danger”: The Evidence on Schizophrenia and Psychotropic Medications, Violence, and Forced Orders to Treat, In Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, Vol. 16, (1), pp. 51-62 (12).

6-6-14 Dr. Watson is a featured guest on "Dr. Gary Null",

6-1-14 Dr. Watson is a featured guest on syndicated and international radio show "Flow of Wisdom", with pop culture host Sean Anthony, and adds to the discussion about the U.S. military and civilian problem with psychiatric medication usage.

Dr. Watson is asked to appear on National Television!  See NAPPP's new National PBS, Lifetime, Family Network, etc... informative piece at

Patient Consent for Medical Records Update:
Dr. Watson several years ago was asked by a mother to obtain her son's medical-psychiatric records so that Dr. Watson could review them for a possible lawsuit.  The attorney involved forgot to bring a release to the meeting, and Dr. Watson offered his Release of Information form without realizing it specifically limited the purpose to just a "psychological" reason, thus, not including the "legal" purpose.  Dr. Watson immediately apologized when it was brought to his attention, and noted it was a typo and simple oversight on the form.  Dr. Watson agreed not to appeal the sanction from court/case he filed, and was cleared of any ethical sanctions or reprimand from the WI Licensing Board.  The mother fully understood the release, wanted the records for Dr. Watson, and knew that the records could have been made available also with the attorney's release if that had been used instead.   

2-20-13 Update: 
Dr. Watson was invited to be a keynote speaker to the Congress of Mexico upon the dangers of using psychotropic drugs on children suffering.


3-1-12 to Current:
 Dr. Watson been providing expert testimony, consultation and lectures regarding Medication Commitments/Forced Orders to Treat, Optimal Treatment Planning When Comparing Using or Not Using Psychiatric Medications, and Risk Assessment for patients throughout the United States who wish to not use or minimal use psychiatric medications, most often reversing an courts order for involuntarily drugging an individual. 
Update: 2009-2010
Dr. Watson accepts position of International Executive Director for the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology (ICSPP), now called International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP).

Update: 12-2-09
Dr. Watson submits testimony to the FDA on Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) Device classification, whereby, the FDA agreed with Dr. Watson and maintained the ECT regulation classification, indicating safety and effectiveness has not been well demonstrated to lower the classification.

12-13-06 Update:

Dr. Watson submitted testimony to the FDA on dangers of SSRI anti-depressants causing suicidal ideation and behaviors, whereby, the FDA had added one of the highest warning labels (black box) to these types of medications, indicating that such anti-depressant medication could cause suicidal thoughts and behaviors for children and young adults.
When trying to withdraw from many psychiatric drugs, patients can develop serious and even life-threatening emotional and physical reactions. 

In short, it is dangerous not only to start taking psychiatric drugs, but also can be hazardous to stop taking them.

Therefore, withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done under clinical supervision.  APHS would be happy to provide you with a list of practitioners able to help you with your medication needs.  Please contact Dr. Toby Watson, PsyD, Clinical Director and Psychologist at
Information contained herein is designed to support, not replace, the therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient.

All information is kept in strict confidence, and no information, written or verbal is given out to any party what so ever without explicit written permission by our clients and patients.

We are a private corporation, and have no financial ties or funding resources other than from our therapists donations and patient income.

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